Some of my Favorite Links

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The Patriot Guard

This is a great organization. Created as a response to protests by a group of "so-called Christians" at Military Funerals, this group shows Respect, Love and Compassion to Military members and their families.

Please consider checking into this group. It is primarily motorcyclists and/or veterans. However, you need not be either to participate.

Rider Forums

This site started out as However, over the years it has grown and broadened to appeal to riders of other brands and models. I have found it to have a worldwide membership of some of the most friendly and easy-going folk out there.

Ride On The Ridge

A spin off from Rider Forums. This is a site dedicated to our twice a year get togethers in the mountains of western Virginia

Virginia International Raceway

My local professional grade raceway. A great facility with a multiple layout road course that entertains all types of motorsports.

Submarine Sailors

A site tailored to the current or former submarine sailor. It has crew lists and contacts. As well as links to ships homepages and other submarine related material.

Interested in Submarine Stories?

As stated elsewhere, I am a former "Bubblehead". As such I am always on the lookout for fun and/or interesting submarine related stuff. If you go to this site and then follow the link to the "After Battery", you will find very interesting sea stories. The author is a great writer and really relates what it must have been like to ride an old WWII Diesel Boat!