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2008 Motorcycle Photos

Although I don't really stop riding just because it gets cold. The spring and early summer lends itself much better to motorcycling. That means some gatherings and some work on the bike. Below are some pictures to share this year's motorcycling for me thus far....

The first one, below, is a panorama of 3 seperate shots from our Ride On The Ridge 7. For the life of me, I can not get a bigger thumbnail image to work. Sorry, just trust me. Click on it and check out the full image.

(As ususal, clicking a picture "should" provide a larger image!)

Saturday - ROTR 7 - Group Shot

ROTR7 Riders: These are the fine and fun folks that I get together to ride with every now and then. This time we had folks from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and New York.

This is a great group of people to spend time with and to ride with!


Regrouping on Highway 8 in Floyd County

We tend to get a bit "strung out" after a while. As the faster riders are at the front of the pack and the slower riders at the back. When the fast guys find a good "wide spot" to regroup at, that is where they stop and let everyone get caught up.

In this photo, I am the last rider in the line. Following Jon, Berto and Craig, Jr.


A Ride On The Ridge First -- A Cattle Drive

Our Ride On The Ridges (or should that be Rides On The Ridge?) began in 2002. In 2004 the group started meeting in the fall as well. So there have been 11 gatherings to date.

This is the first one to cause everyone to stop for a "Cattle Drive". Friday, I'm told, they came around a corner and saw the road blocked and filled with cattle. The group pulled over, shut off their bikes and  hoped that noone or nothing would get pushed over. Sorry I missed it....


Blurple Rocks

"Berto" and I share a parking spot. Berto's is the only other 2002 "Blurple" ZR-7S that I've seen.

Taking a Break

A brief stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway. How brief?? We didn't even take off our helmets! David and I duel with Digital Cameras!

Safely back at the Hampton Inn

About half of our participants take up the premium parking under cover at the front of the Hotel!

Modification Time

I was able to acquire another stock screen for my bike. That one was in MUCH better shape than mine. So, mine was about to go under the knife (or dremel in actuality). I masked off where the cut will end up. Then used the string as a guide. Just like making ovals in elementary school!

Drawing my Arc - cut line

A length of string secured under the windscreen mounting screws on either side. I pulled the string taught across to the point of the screen/body interface. Then pulled down to the second screw. Then scribed the arc with a pencil.

Final Cut Line

Had to go over a few spots more than once as the string would catch on rough spots on the tape. Once I had a tolerable line, I traced it freehand with a marker to make an easy to see cut line.

A Test Fit

I was worried that I had, perhaps, taken off too much material. So, once it was cut, I did a quick clean up of the edge and put it on the bike.

I was pleased with the look!


Time for Paint

After a real good clean up of the cut. I masked off my graphic and painted the inside of the screen a satin black.

Again, I really like the way it looks.


A look from the Back

A quick picture from the back side.

Got a few mile left

Rode hard, luckily not put away wet, as there was not much in the way of tread on that rear tire once I got home!!

There is more on the ROTR