Some more of my Glass Projects

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I now make it a point to photograph each piece I do so I have a record of it.

Here, then, are a few more of my projects. I still enjoy the hobby tremendously. I hope the recipients enjoy them as well.

As before, Clicking on a picture will provide a larger image.

This first one was done for John and Jane, friends at our church. They collect lighthouses and I had promised to give one a shot for them. The result of my work is shown below. The pattern is an original drawn by me loosely based on a photograph of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina.

University of Tennessee - Go Vols

My sister is a multiple graduate from UT and I made this for her as a house-warming gift when we last visited her in Knoxville.

Another Quilt

Missy is a Quilter and her family and ours have been friends for a long time. I recently was showing her my other pictures and when she saw Kathy's quilt piece she asked, very politely, if I might be persuaded to make her one. She didn't have to ask again, it was my pleasure. I drew the pattern and Cam helped me with the colors. I am terrible at picking out colors for those types of projects..... Embarassed

(P.S. Missy... So glad you liked it! That just made my evening!!)


Graduation present for a young man at our Church

From a book called "Share Crosses". This one is called "Light of the World".

I did it in his school colors. I like it. I hope he did too. 

Another Gift.... (One day I may sell a piece)

Another from my book of "Share Crosses". This one is called the "King's Cross".

The interesting part about this one is this: All of the glass (except the RED tips), came from stain glass windows in our church which had been recently removed and replaced. I think that makes it even more special (although it could just be me).


Go ahead, say it with me.... This is a gift

This one is called the "Serrant Cross", and the Brown glass that makes up the cross is glass the came out of the windows of our church.

I really like the "unfinished" outer edges of the glass. What do you think??

It was a busy graduation season!

This one is called the "Old Rugged Cross", and add the glass that makes up this piece is glass the came out of the windows of our church.

I really like the "unfinished" outer edges of the glass. It is rather "non-standard" and I am begining to like it.

These photos are all taken by me... You may copy them if you wish.