A few more Links that I Like

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Neal Boortz

With all my driving now days, I've started to listen to talk radio. Neal Boortz has fast become one of my favorites. You can find him in Lynchburg on WLNI, 105.9FM from 10 AM until 1 PM daily.


What fine, up-standing Parrothead would make a site, brag about being a Parrothead and then NOT link to Margaritaville??? Not this one.. so, here is your link.

Then there is Buffet News

This is just another hang out for Parrotheads. Not Jimmy's offical site. But very popular with his followers and fans.

Stained Glass by Jini

Another quick reference to the site of the lady that got me started in Stained Glass. I don't imagine that I will ever approach her abilities. But, I appreciate her time teaching me and she is always available for supplies and support when I get in a bind.