A few early Stained Glass Projects

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Always wanted to learn how to do this....

I'd been a fan of Stained Glass for years. Everytime I'd see some I'd tell my dear wife, "I'd love to learn how to do that...". Over and Over agian, I'd say the same thing. Then one year (1996?) she bought me lessons as a Christmas present.

Cam got me lessons at "Stained Glass by Jini". Jini does amazing work. You can see her work at the following link (Stained Glass by Jini).

I made one project, seen below. Then got another set of lessons for another project, also seen below. Then I was off. I purchased my own equipment and have made projects in fits and starts over the ensuing years. I still go to Jini's from time to time for supplies and/or advice.

As of this writing (April 2008) I have completed 35 projects. Admittedly, many of them have been small, "suncatchers", but it is 35 projects just the same.


Clicking on a picture will provide a larger image.

My Very First Attempt

This is the piece I did during my first set of lessons. It was from the lessons book that Cam had gotten me at Christmas along with the lessons. It was not my first choice. I had selected something with about 98% straight lines. Jini thought it would be a waste of my time and not teach me enough. So, we agreed on this piece instead. It was a good choice in retrospect.

Thanks Jini!

This is my Second Attempt

A Celtic Knotted Heart: My wife had found this as a charm in a catalog. We both ended up getting it as a tattoo. I sketched and fabricated this one based on that. The black glass was a challenge to work with. The curves were a bigger challenge still. But, it was worth all the effort. I think it came out well.

Then it was one for Catie

Catie came up with the general idea and helped me to sketch it (I don't seem to bother with other folk's patterns often). We picked out the colors together. It is the width of her bedroom window and about 14 inches tall.

A Gift for Kathy

Our friend, Kathy, is a quilter. I wanted to make a gift for them and found this quilt pattern. I like the bevels in the center. It was nice to work with straight cuts for a while. But, the texture of the glass made taping and soldering a bit of a challenge.

For my Sister-In-Law...

This was a gift for my wife's sister. Again, no real pattern, just something I came up with after she said told me it had to be an octagon and have a butterfly in it. The corners are bevels.

I like the colors, but, in retrospect, the butterfly probably should have been bigger.


I have a thing for the "Ichthus Fish"

I did a small painting with 10 Ichthus Fish in 5 colors in a "Knotted" pattern on a black background. I liked the way it looked and decided to try it in glass. This is the end result of that attempt.

This piece is 13" X 16" in size.

Cross and Fish.... Had to try it.

I was hoping this "Double Paned" effort would work. Although I did not know if it really worked until I assembled it. Feel free to pass judgement yourself, but I am please with the look.

The cross is made of Bevels and the balance of the "Cross" pane is just clear "glue-chip" glass. The "Knotted Ichthus Fish" is noted above. I mounted both in 1 x 4 board and presented for our Youth Room at Heritage United Methodist Church.

The Sweet Briar College "Vixen"

My oldest daughter, Catie, is a student there. She asked me to do this piece as a gift for her swim coach last fall (2006). Since then, I have done 6 of them for various folks at the college. They seem to be well received.

(Dec. 2007 update: I have now made 12 of these and they are still appreciated.)

A Treble Clef

Although not very musically inclined. I have been involved with the music ministry at Heritage United Methodist Church for a long time. Most of it spent in the Bell Choir (which I LOVE doing).

This piece was made for Sandy, our music director for the last 10 years. She has put up with my inability in Bells for a long time. So, I really felt that I owed her something for her years of patience. I pray that we will work together for at least 10 more years!!  THANKS SANDY!!!

Roanoke College Logo

My "baby", Bonnie, starts at Roanoke College this fall. This is a piece I did for her. It is their logo as thier teams are known as the "Maroons" (and I don't know what that is!! Embarassed )