Submarine Photos that I like

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As a former "Bubblehead" in the United States Navy,
I have collected a few Submarine Pics.

Below are a few of my favorite pictures about Submarines.

The first one (below) is a very old one of the USS Sturgeon in the Cooper River in Charleston, South Carolina.
That bridge was later supplemented with another, wider bridge. And recently they were both replaced with a new, modern tall bridge.

Clicking on a picture will provide a larger image.

Sturgeon "On Ice"

This picture is reportedly from 1989. That would be 3 years after I left the boat. This is the one thing I always wanted to do while stationed on the Sturgeon. Alas, it was not to be while I was on board. Although, I did spend 4 months operating under the Arctic Ice Cap. 

Please note the "fairwater planes". This was a special feature on the 637 Class boats. That they could be turned 90 degrees straight up. This feature along the the "Hovering" system, allow the boat to surface straight up through the ice. What I wouldn't have given to do that just once!!

Fast Attack in Floating Drydock

It is always interesting to see these "fish out of water" as it gives you a better feel for their actual size. The very dark black, top portion of the boat (about the uppermost third) is what you see when it is in the water.

During my tour on the Sturgeon we spent time in 2 floating drydocks; the USS Oak Ridge (ARDM-1) and the USS Alomogordo (ARDM-2), as well as an extended stay in the Dry Dock 2 at Charleston Naval Shipyard.

March 1984, Portsmouth, England

This is the USS Sturgeon entering port in Portsmouth, England. I was a line handler and am the second person from the very front of the boat. We had stopped flaking out lines in order to render honors to an English Monument.

Submarine Squadron 4 - The Swamp Fox - Charleston, SC

This is SubRon4, pier "Mike" at the Charleston Naval Station. The tender is the USS Frank Cable AS-40. The squadron consisted of 11 boats. In this rare picture, 10 of them are in port. This is a very unique picture as I never recall more that 6 or 7 boats being in port at a given time.

Don't know which one may be the USS Sturgeon. However, I do know that the two boats on the front left are the USS Bonefish (SS-582), a diesel boat and the USS Thomas Jefferson (SSN-618) a "Slow Approach" (hateful slang for a converted "Boomer" performing Fast Attack duties).

Always liked a periodic ride on the surface

This picture is not of the USS Sturgeon, but, I so like the memories it rekindles. Riding on the surface in the Med on a cloudless night with the dolphins swimming along side and jumping over the bow! A ride I will never forget.

Is this a Fitting End for a Fine Fighting Ship?

Her sail is on display at the Naval Undersea Museum in Bremerton, Washington. The rest, I suspect, has been turned into razor blades! Except for the reactor compartment which is laying in wait in a ditch in Hanford, Washington. I have a picture of that to post later.....

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