More Submarine Related Photos

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I keep finding more Submarine Pictures of Interest

On this page I'd like to share some fun and/or interesting pictures related to Submarines and the Submarine Service.

First, I just love the old World War II era posters. My daughter, Catie, has one of the "Gee, I wish I were a Man.. I'd join the U.S. Navy" with the girl in the white Cracker Jack uniform. So, I am including the Submarine Service Poster that I found.

(As before, Clicking the Image should provide a larger image for you to see.) 

Fun at or near the Pole

This picutre would have been taken via the Periscope. Operational Procedures warn of the possibility of crossing paths with Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes... Who would have guessed??

A close up...

I have no idea what that bear may have been up to. However, can you make out the "cross-hairs" from the periscope in the photo?

USS Bonefish (SS-582)

The Bonefish was part of Submarine Squadron 4 in Charleston, SC during my time on the Sturgeon. The Bonefish was a modern Diesel boat (she was not a Nuke). This is a news paper article about an incident that happened to them in the late 1980's. Submarine crews have got to be tough. Things like this can happen at any time.

Waiting to be "Recycled"

16 submarines and 3 nuclear cruisers await their demise. The cutting torch will do them in eventually.

Being "Recycled" (Decommissioned)

During Submarine "Recycling" (better known as decommissioning) they will cut out the Reactor Compartment intact and seal the ends. After which it is barged up the Columbia River to a port where it is loaded on truck and then taken to the burial site. The section on the right in this photo is the reactor compartment. The section on the left is part of the engine room.

Hanford, Washington burial site

This is a picture of the burial site for the decommisioned submarine's reactor compartments. This picture even has the hulls numbered and identified by ship.

These are not my photos

I have found them at various Submarine related sites that I have visited.