Heritage United Methodist Church

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This is a page about my Church Home...

Prior to arriving in Lynchburg we did not regularly attend any church. But, as we started our family both Cam and I decided that we needed to attend "a church" with some greater frequency. I was raised Catholic and Cam was raised Lutheran. We really didn't have a denomination preference when we started to look.

Heritage United Methodist Church was being constructed right up the street from where we first lived in Lynchburg. Upon its completion, we started to visit and grew to like everything about it. We soon became members and even renewed our Wedding Vows there on our 5th wedding anniversary.

As I always try to do... Clicking on a picture takes you to a larger one. 

HUMC, Outside and Inside...

The top picture is of our lovely church in the evening. It was taken by one of our members and is used on the churches main website (There should be a link at the bottom of the page). Special Thanks to Don Ogle for the great photo.

The next one is a picture of the sanctuary. A wonderful room that has great acoustics for most events. It is home to many weddings and choral groups from around central Virginia.

An interesting shot of our tower

This picture was taken in the spring of 2006 after having the Stained Glass in the tower replaced with new replicas of the original glass. If I am correct, the tower for Heritage United Methodist Church is one of the tallest in the city.

Spring of 2006, getting a look at the new glass.

Difficult for me to believe I had my hair that short. It doesn't happen often.

It was cool to see the newly installed glass close up. The work is impressive. The view is even more incredible!

I'm a "Ding-a-Ling" too

This is one of the bells that I get to ring. 

I was playing around with my camera and shot this picture of the pipe organ reflected in my bass bell. I like it, I hope you do as well.

A scan of a picture from June 1987

We lived right down the road while the church was being built.

I never took any pictures of it. So I was happy to find some in the vault. I borrowed them and scanned them to have a record.

This is from the "back" of the church

The wall closest to the photographer (not me, by the way) would be the wall the pipe organ and choir loft is against now.

 The place that the photographer would have been standing is now our new "Disciple Center". With a gym and additional classrooms!

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