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Some of My Motorcycle Related Pictures

When I acquired my new motorcycle, a Kawasaki ZR-7S, in 2002 I found a group of like-minded motorcyclists. I found them at a place called It has since changed it's name to, but, the people have not changed and are just wonderful.

In August of 2002 a few of us decided to gather in Southwestern Viringia to ride a bit on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The ride got dubbed "The Ride On The Ridge" and has since been refered to as ROTR. It has become a twice annual event that I always enjoy attending.

RIDE On The RIDGE number 9 (ROTR-9) will be here in Mid May - Check for info!!

Here are a few pics...   ( Clicking on a picture will provide a larger image.  )

Kawasaki's ZR-7

Kawasaki's ZR-7 ("Naked") and ZR-7S ("Faired") was only offered in the United states from 2000 until 2003. Each year here was only offered in 1 color. In 2000, the ZR-7 was Candy Lightning Blue. 2001 was a ZR-7S in Candy Persimmon Red. 2002 was a 7S in Metallic Blue Violet - often refered to as "Blurple". 2003 was another 7S in Chromium Yellow.

This photo shows an example of one from each year

A Stop to ReGroup

My Bluple bike is in the forground. We get a bit strung out over the mountains. Different riders having different skills. So, we stop often to "re-group" and chat about the last section. We always make certain that everyone is there.... as accidents have happened.

This a group picture from ROTR3, May 2004

This is a great group. With riders from New York, Maryland, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Virginia. And all we have in common is the ZR-7 and a love of riding. Could not possibly as for a better group to hang with.

It is with sadness that I must report that Johnnie (far right) died in a motorcycle accident in August of 2007. He was a great guy and will be missed. Rest in Peace Johnnie.

Mike, from Georgia

To me, Mike is an inspiration. He was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident in the summer of 2003. Yet, he wanted to keep riding! So he, along with financial help from the members of, built a Kawasaki ZRX trike.

It was great to finally meet him face to face and see him ride that thing. It will fly!!!!

A ROTR6 Stop to ReGroup

Our "Ride on the Ridge" draws riders of varying skill sets. Thus, we get a little strung out during our jaunts.

Therefore, every hour or so, we look for a wide spot in the road to let the group re-group. We spend a few moments stretching and talking about the last leg, while planning the next leg.

This time we found a nice little country church that was not using their parking lot at the time.

Don't let the Handicap plate fool you!!

SERP's was the first (only?) handicap motorcycle plate that I had seen.

But, don't be fooled for an instant. SERP (Glynn) can ride like the wind and does so with great enthusiasm. As best I know, he rides upwards to 60,000 miles a year.

Ready to Roll

Packed and ready to venture off to ride some twisties in the western part of the state.

Hey! You got the map?

We were not lost... Just a quick stop to choose the next leg of the ride. It's fun to not always have a plan.

This was in late September of 2006 and it was a cold weekend. But, the ride and the group were as fun as ever.

Our Favorite Virginia Highway

We have found a lovely Virginia Highway that is lightly used and well maintained that lends itself to enjoyable motorcycling. The road shall remain nameless, lest it become another "Deals Gap" (aka "The Tail of the Dragon"). Those who have riden both, say our road is at least as tough, and much less traveled, lending to a more enjoyable day!!

Curt and Myself

Curt is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and a good friend. In May of 2007 I convinced him to join us for the ROTR. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.

Headed for Floyd, VA... Move you "Cager"!

This was a part of our group headed down Highway 8 into Floyd, Virginia. We were in the "middle group". Niether fast nor slow. Unfortunately, we left enough of a gap for a "cager" to sneak in. So, we were going considerably slower than we would have liked. I am the third in line. Mike's Trike, then Vern (near centerline), then me (on the outside of the road).

Mine and Vern's Bikes

My ride is a 2002 Kawasaki ZR-7S and Vern's is a 2002(?) Kawasaki W650. It is a vintage LOOKING bike. But, rather modern. And Vern keeps his in perfect condition.

Unfortunately.... Somtimes things to wrong!

Stan had riden his bike up from Jacksonville, Florida to Hillsville, Virginia for some "Fun in the Twisties".

Well, as you might guess, this was no fun for him. He and Brandon both had an "off" in the same corner. Luckily both riders were fine. Good protective gear makes all of the difference. It took us almost an hour to get his bike unstuck from the guardrail. Then another couple of hours for a trailer to come and pick up the unridable bikes.

Then Stan and Brandon's wives (Brandon rode in from Knoxville, Tennessee) had to come to Hillsville to get them and their damaged bikes. OUCH!

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